Tuesday, September 01, 2015

District Court Expands Contraceptive Coverage Exemption To Secular Pro-Life Employers and Employees With Religious Objections

In March for Life v. Burwell, (D DC, Aug. 31, 2015), the D.C. federal district court held that the Affordable Care Act contraceptive coverage mandate violates equal protection principles of the Fifth Amendment insofar as it grants an exemption to houses of worship and their integrated auxiliaries, but not to a secular anti-abortion organization such as March for Life.  It went on to hold that for employees of March for Life who hold religious objections to participating in an insurance plan that covers contraceptives, the Religious Freedom Restoration Act requires the government to allow third-party insurers to offer the employees insurance plans consistent with their religious beliefs. The court enjoined the government from enforcing the contraceptive coverage mandate against March for Life, its health insurance issuer and the insurance issuer of the employee plaintiffs in the case. New York Times reports on the decision.