Thursday, October 15, 2015

Catholic Orphanages In India End Adoption Services In Protest Over New Government Policies

Catholic Review and CNS reported this week that in India, the Missionaries of Charity-- a religious order that operates orphanages across the country-- will no longer offer children for adoption because of its disagreement with new government adoption guidelines.  The organization, founded by Mother Teresa, is asking the government to remove recognition of the 18 of its orphanages that have operated as adoption centers.  Traditionally they have allowed adoption only by married couples.  At issue are guidelines from the federal Ministry of Women and Child Development adopted in July that now require adoption centers to allow adoption by single individuals, apparently including unmarried adults in same-sex relationships, couples living together, and individuals who are divorced or separated. (Under the guidelines, single men  can only adopt boys.)  The Catholic order also objects that potential adoptive parents will be allowed to review the files of up to six children rather than taking the best match as determined by orphanage officials. The new government guidelines are designed to increase the number of adoptions.