Monday, November 09, 2015

Michigan City Elects First Majority-Muslim City Council

Christian Science Monitor reports that Hamtramck, Michigan last week became the first U.S. city to elect a majority-Muslim city council.  Half of the 6-person city-council was up for election last Tuesday, and all 3 candidates who won were Muslim.  They join one other Muslim whose term was not up, giving Muslims four of the six council seats.  Hamtramck, a city of 22,000 in metropolitan Detroit, was historically Polish.  However now the city has a large population from Yemen (around 24%) and Bangladesh (15%) and is only 12% Polish.  It is 19% African American.  It is estimated that half of the city's population is Muslim, and it may be the first U.S. city to have a Muslim majority population. [Thanks to Scott Mange for the lead.]