Friday, November 13, 2015

Supreme Court Grants Review Of Texas Restrictions On Abortion Clinics

The U.S. Supreme Court today granted certiorari in the Texas abortion law case, Whole Woman’s Health v. Cole, (Docket No. 15-274, cert. granted 11/13/2015). (Order List.) Links to the 5th Circuit's opinion in the case, the petition for certiorari, the reply brief and amicus briefs are available at SCOTUSblog. According to USA Today:
The justices will decide whether tough new restrictions placed on abortion clinics and doctors in Texas constitute an "undue burden" on women seeking legal abortions and should be struck down.
The restrictions -- forcing doctors to have admitting privileges at nearby hospitals and requiring clinics to meet standards for outpatient surgery centers -- threaten to leave the state with only 10 clinics clustered in four population centers and along the Mexican border.