Wednesday, December 09, 2015

Muslim Student Sues Missouri Prof Over Alleged Bigoted Comments

Yesterday's Missourian reports on a lawsuit filed Nov. 30 against University of Missouri biology professor Michael Garcia by Fatma El-Walid, an observant Muslim student who was in one of Garcia's classes.  The suit, seeking $25,000 in damages, claims that the professor directed offensive and bigoted comments at the student during office hours, resulting in trauma that impacted her grades and the loss of a scholarship. According to the report:
The lawsuit alleges that ... Garcia asked El-Walid if her parents had waterboarded her "as a child in preparation for the future," wanted to know if her faith made her hate gay people and Jews, suggested she should pose as a suicide bomber and made sexually suggestive remarks, among other comments.
Garcia's lawyer says his client denies the charges.