Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Provocative Anti-Muslim Rally Planned For Atlanta

According to yesterday's Atlanta Journal Constitution,  after the Georgia Building Authority rejected a request for a permit to hold a "United against Islam and Islamic immigration refugee rally" at Liberty Plaza across from the state capitol, authorities now expect a non-permitted, anti-Islamic protest on the sidewalks of the Georgia State Capitol on April 18.  The protest's organizer James Stachowiak, founder and editor of Freedom Fighter Radio, said that speakers at the rally will focus on the threat from Islamic immigration and refugees. He added:
We also plan to shred images of Obama, Loretta Lynch, Hillary Clinton and Muhammad along with the shredding of the Koran. This will be an open carry event with the use of long arms as Georgia law allows.
CAIR-Georgia reacted with a press release stating in part:
We encourage these protesters to put down their guns, cancel their unsanctioned rally, and meet with representatives of our state’s Muslim community for an open and frank discussion of their concerns.