Thursday, May 12, 2016

Judge Orders Church To Hold New Election

In Rock Church, Inc. v Venigalla, (Sup. Ct. NY Cnty, May 3, 2016), a New York state trial court ordered conflicting factions in a small upper East Side nondenominational Christian church to hold a new special meeting of the Church's membership to vote for a Board of Trustees.  The court found that a previous election was invalidly held.  The court concluded that a second ballot after most members thought a membership meeting had ended resulted in a sham election without adequate notice to the membership, in violation of the Church's By-Laws. At issue is a dispute over whether the faction that supports the church's pastor, Daniel Iampaglia, or the faction seeking his dismissal will be elected.  At one point, one of the opponents of Pastor Iampglia filed a police complaint charging him with petit larceny for taking funds from the church offeratory collections.  Iampaglia says the funds were used for church expenses as was the custom. New York Daily News reports on the decision.