Thursday, May 05, 2016

Today Is National Day of Reason

Today is National Day of Reason promoted by the American Humanist Association, and, as explained by them, designed to "affirm our commitment to the Constitutional separation of religion and government, and to celebrate Reason as the guiding principle of our secular democracy." According to an AHA press release:
In addition to leading the national push for a secular celebration of reason, the American Humanist Association also encourages state and local resolutions and proclamations to recognize the day. This year, Delaware Governor Jack Markell; Iowa Governor Terry Branstad; Colorado Governor John W. Hickenlooper; Mayor James A. Throgmorton of Iowa City, Iowa; Mayor Quentin Hart of Waterloo, Iowa; and Mayor Michael B. Hancock of the City and County of Denver, Colorado, have signed Day of Reason proclamations.
Links to the text of these proclamations, as well as one introduced into Congress, are available online.