Tuesday, June 07, 2016

In UK, Proposed Counter Extremism Bill Will Include Provisions Aimed At Unregistered Orthodox Jewish High Schools

The Independent reported Saturday that a Counter Extremism Bill being drafted by Britain's Home Office will contain new provisions aimed at unregistered Orthodox Jewish high schools which educate boys only in religious subjects.  Classes are taught in Yiddish. Former pupils have alleged that physical beatings are common and teachers often encourage students to enter arranged marriages at age 18.  Some students leave school unable to speak English. The schools serve the ultra-Orthodox Jewish community of north London.  Apparently Hackney Council officials have been aware of the schools for several years, but cooperated with religious schools to destroy records of students disappearing from the rolls of registered schools.  Britain's Department of Education says it is intensifying investigations into unregistered schools. The new focus by the government apparently stemmed from a report published in April by The Independent. [Thanks to Law & Religion UK for the lead.]