Monday, June 20, 2016

Paper Calls Out Anti-Semitic Harassment of Journalists

The Forward today is calling attention to the continuing anti-Semitic harassment on social media (mainly Twitter) of Jewish journalists (or those perceived to be Jewish).  The anti-Semitic messages have often come in response to journalists' coverage of Donald Trump's campaign. A June 7 Washington Post piece has examples. The Forward says:
Online bullying is a non-partisan activity — both the far left and the far right are quite good at it — but the virulent anti-Semitism many journalists experience today comes from what is known as the “alt-right,” shadowy white supremacists who mainly hide behind the anonymity of Twitter to traffic in horrible Holocaust imagery and directly threaten Jews.
Many of these threats draw on connections with Trump’s presidential campaign, using Trump’s image and targeting his critics, including several of our regular writers. Even if you don’t believe that the presumed Republican standard bearer has stoked this cyber-hate (which is a generous assumption), you have to admit that he appears to have done nothing to minimize or condemn it.
As a symbolic protest, The Forward says it will refuse for 24 hours (starting tomorrow) to publish anything mentioning Trump's name or his campaign.