Wednesday, July 06, 2016

Obergefell Decision Attacked By Suit Demanding License For Man-Object Marriage

As reported in a Liberty Counsel press release, in a rambling 44-page complaint filed last week Mark "Chris" Sevier, a Vanderbilt Law School graduate who was suspended from practice in 2011, filed suit challenging Kentucky's refusal to issue him a marriage license to allow him to marry his laptop computer.  Framed as a challenge to the U.S. Supreme Court's Obergefell decision, the complaint (full text) in Sevier v. Davis, (ED KY, filed 7/1/2016)) alleges in part:
The Plaintiff seek one of two forms of relief: (1) that the state be enjoined from enforcing any laws and policies that prevents him from legally marrying an inanimate object in light of the decision in Obergefell v. Hodge ... and United States v. Windsor ... or alternatively, (2) that all forms of marriage outside the traditional definition of marriage be nullified in reviving the original marriage laws and bans, since laws that try to establish the plausibility of gay rights violates the establishment clause of the first amendment....
If the plaintiffs request to many a machine is frivolous and "removed from reality," then certainly a man's request to many a man in order to call him his lawfully wedded wife in hopes that the society will whomp up more dignity for such marriages is equally "removed from reality" and culturally imperialistically arrogant. It is this kind of moral relativist that causes Middle Eastern Nations to hate the United States so much - because the adaptation of these values are a threat to the integrity of families - and they recognize that.
Sevier has previously filed similar lawsuits in Texas, Florida and Utah (see Above The Law). This time however he named as one of the defendants the equally adamant opponent of same-sex marriage, Rowan County Kentucky Clerk Kim Davis. (See prior posting.)  Alluding to this, the complaint alleges:
Unless total marriage equality is permitted as demanded by the Plaintiff, Mrs. Davis will have a valid cause of action under racketeering statutes against those who conspired to persecute and prosecute her maliciously as an an attempt to force her to convert to their sexually exploitative self-justifying world view.... Allowing the Plaintiff to marry an inanimate object will give those who put her in jail more credibility, since it will show that the Courts really believe that sexual orientation is based on civil rights matter and not an ideological religious one stemming from an attempt to legislate away feelings of shame and inadequacy.