Monday, August 15, 2016

Two Recent Cases Charging Religious Discrimination In Employment

Two recent lawsuits charging religious discrimination in employment are in the news.  In Bowling Green, Kentucky, a former firefighter sued claiming questioning and harassment over his atheist beliefs as well as over his non-conformity to gender norms.  The complaint (full text) in Queen v. City of Bowling Green, (KY Cir. Ct., filed 8/10/2016) contends that plaintiff was subjected to a hostile work environment on the basis of his religious beliefs in violation of Kentucky law. WKU Herald reports on the lawsuit.

Separately, in Dallas, Texas, last Wednesday an Orthodox Jewish woman filed suit against the county after her job offer as data manager with the Dallas County sheriff's office was rescinded.  The sheriff's office acted after plaintiff, Isabel Balderas, told them that she would need an accommodation allowing her to leave 30 minutes early on Fridays during the winter months in order to be home for the beginning of the Sabbath. The sheriff's office said that the data manager position requires that the person be on call 24/7. Dallas News reports on the lawsuit.