Saturday, October 29, 2016

Louisiana Supreme Court Says No Mandatory Reporting of Abuse Discovered In Confessional

In Mayeux v. Charlet, (LA Sup. Ct., Oct. 28, 2016), the Louisiana Supreme Court held that under Louisiana statutes Catholic priests when administering sacramental confession are not "mandatory reporters" of child abuse. Therefore the provision in La. Child. Code art. 609 that eliminates a defense of privileged communications in some instances for mandatory reporters does not eliminate protections for priests.  The court concluded:
Because the provisions of La. Child. Code art. 609 speak only to “mandatory reporters,” a priest when administering the sacrament of confession has no duty to report any confidential communications made during the confession that, by the tenets of the Roman Catholic Church, he is authorized to hear and is also duty bound to keep confidential.
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