Monday, October 31, 2016

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  • Symposium: Religious Liberty and the Free Society: Celebrating the 50th Anniversary of Dignitatis Humanae. Keynote address by John H. Garvey; articles by Paul Horwitz, Thomas C. Berg, Christopher C. Lund, Vincent Phillip Munoz, Brett G. Scharffs, Anna Su, Marc O. DeGirolami, Mark L. Movsesian and Steven D. Smith. 91 Notre Dame Law Review 1287-1569 (2016).
  • Karyn Ball, Post-Secular Messianism Against the Law: Judith Butler on Walter Benjamin and 'Sacred Life', [Abstract], 27 Law & Critique 205-227 (2016).
  • Janeanne Lubin-Szafranski & Gregory J. Pepe, Catholic Doctrine and Aid in Dying, 34 Quinnipiac Law Review 667-689 (2016).
  • Jennifer A. Marshall, Burwell v. Hobby Lobby: Protecting Religious Freedom in a Diverse Society, [Abstract], 10 N.Y.U. Journal of Law & Liberty 327-345 (2016).
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