Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Israeli Rabbi Tells Jewish Students At The Technion To Avoid Christmas Tree

As reported yesterday by Arutz Sheva and Haaretz, in Israel, the rabbi of the renowned university the Technion has created a furor by telling Jewish students that they should not enter the Student Union because of a Christmas tree that is being displayed there. Rabbi Elad Dokow wrote:
The Christmas tree is a religious symbol – not Christian, but even more problematic – pagan. Halakha [Jewish religious law] clearly states that whenever it is possible to circumvent and not pass through a place where there is any kind of idolatry, this must be done. So one should not enter the student union if it's not necessary to do so. 
The Technion-- an over 100-year old research university-- which prides itself on welcoming students of all religions and communities rejected Dokow's views, saying that it is determined to continue being an example of tolerance and coexistence.