Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Virginia Federal Judge Says Trump Travel Ban Likely Violates Establishment Clause

Yesterday another court ruled against President Trump's Executive Order that temporarily bars entry into the country of individuals from seven majority-Muslim nations.  In Aziz v. Trump, (ED VA, Feb. 13, 2017), a Virginia federal district court concluded that Virginia had produced unrebutted evidence that it is likely to succeed on its Establishment Clause claim, saying in part:
The "Muslim ban" was the centerpiece of the president's campaign for months.... [Rudy] Giuliani said two days after the EO was signed that Trump's desire for a Muslim ban was the impetus for this policy.
The court enjoined enforcement of Section 3(c) of the Executive Order at any port of entry against Virginia residents how either were lawful permanent residents or who held a valid student visa or work visa at the time the Executive Order was signed. NBC4 News reports on the decision.