Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Christian Group Settles Harassment Suit

Last week, a Minnesota state trial court entered a mediated settlement agreement in a case in which a lawyer had obtained a temporary restraining order against the Christian Action League of Minnesota.  As related by a press release from the Thomas More Society:
A local lawyer complained about postcards and emails the group sent to her because she advertises in City Pages. The correspondence informed advertisers that the metro Minneapolis-St. Paul alternative newspaper also promoted the adult sex trade and invited advertisers to reconsider supporting a media outlet that did so.
In R. Leigh Frost Law, Ltd. v. Christian Action League of Minnesota, (MN Dist. Ct., July 11, 2019), the court entered a mediated order dismissing the harassment restraining order, but requiring that for the next two years, Christian Action League may not contact petitioner by any means, including e-mail, social media, post cards, regular mail, phone or in person, nor may it encourage others to contact her or her employer.