Sunday, April 12, 2020

5th Circuit Upholds Part of TRO Issued Against Texas COVID-19 Abortion Ban

As previously reported, on April 7, the US. 5th Circuit Court of Appeals permitted Texas Gov. Gregg Abbott's COVID-19 related ban on elective abortions to go into effect. After additional skirmishing that led to a new temporary restraining order by the district court, on April 9 in In re Abbott, the 5th Circuit by a 2-1 vote upheld the TRO insofar as it permitted abortions for patients who would be past the 22-week limit for abortions by April 22, but otherwise stayed the TRO pending consideration of the case by the 5th Circuit.  Judge Dennis dissented saying he would not have stayed any part of the district court's TRO.  AP reports on these developments.