Friday, July 03, 2020

Supreme Court Denies Review To Deported Iraqi Christians, Yezidis, Kurds

The U.S. Supreme Court yesterday denied review in Hamama v. Adducci,  (Docket No. 19-294, cert denied 7/2/2020). (Order List). According to the petition for certiorari:
Petitioners are Iraqis with final orders of removal who lived for years or decades in the United States under orders of supervision...  Petitioners and others similarly situated were suddenly detained and threatened with immediate removal, without the opportunity to challenge their removal in immigration court. Petitioners, who include Christians, Yezidis, Kurds, and other religious and ethnic minorities in Iraq, faced likely torture and death in Iraq. After their final orders of removal were issued, country conditions in Iraq had changed drastically, such that Petitioners had strong claims for deportation protection under, inter alia, the Convention Against Torture. In order to assert those claims, Petitioners needed to move to reopen their final orders in the appropriate immigration court.... Petitioners requested a temporary stay of removal so they could access the immigration court system. The district court granted the stay, giving Petitioners 90 days after receipt of the necessary immigration court files to file motions to reopen in immigration court. The court of appeals reversed, holding that 8 U.S.C. § 1252(g) divested the district court of jurisdiction and that the elimination of jurisdiction was consistent with the Suspension Clause.