Monday, September 20, 2021

Christian Adoption Agency Sues To Retain Policy Of Placements Only With Married Heterosexual Families

Suit was filed last week in a New York federal district court by a Christian faith-based family services agency seeking to prevent enforcement against it of New York's anti-discrimination laws insofar as they interfere with the agency's policy of refusing to place children for adoption with unmarried or same-sex couples. The complaint (full text) in New Hope Family Services, Inc. v. James, (ND NY, filed 9/17/2021) alleges in part:

In currently ongoing litigation between New Hope and an agency of the State of New York, two federal courts have already found that efforts by the State to force New Hope to change this choice, in violation of its religious beliefs, likely violate both New Hope’s Free Speech rights and its Free Exercise rights, and the district court has already entered a preliminary injunction protecting New Hope’s right and ability to continue to operate and speak in a manner consistent with its beliefs....

[T[he pendency of a governmental investigation and allegations of violations of law quickly damage New Hope’s reputation that was built up over many decades of faithful service, and discourages hospitals, pregnancy resource centers, and social service agencies from referring birthmothers to New Hope to receive adoption services.

ADF issued a press release announcing the filing of the lawsuit.