Wednesday, March 02, 2022

Satanic Temple Sues Billboard Company Over Abortion Ritual Ads

The Satanic Temple filed suit last week in an Arkansas federal district court claiming that a billboard advertising company violated the Arkansas Civil Rights Act by refusing to perform under its contract  to put up billboards in Arkansas and Indiana that would spread awareness of TST's Satanic Abortion Ritual. Arkansas Code § 16-123-107 prohibits religious discrimination in contractual and property transactions. The complaint (full text) in The Satanic Temple, Inc. v. Lamar Media Company, (WD AR, filed 2/25/2022), alleges in part:

Part of this case will involve proving that TST’s Satanic Abortion Ritual is substantively different than getting a secular abortion, even though it involves the abortive act, such that this advertising contract contemplated a religious message.....

The Satanic Abortion Ritual is a ceremonious casting off of guilt, doubt, and mental discomfort that the member may be experiencing in connection with their election to abort the pregnancy.

The complaint also alleged breach of contract claims. Arkansas Democrat Gazette reported on the lawsuit.