Tuesday, May 03, 2022

Scientology Sued By Plaintiffs Alleging Years Of Abuse As Children

Suit was filed in a Florida federal district court last week under the Trafficking Victims Protection Reauthorization Act against the Church of Scientology by three plaintiffs who allege that they were abused by Scientology as children.  The 90-page complaint (full text) in Baxter v. Miscavige, (MD FL, filed 4/28/2022), alleges in part:

As children, all three Plaintiffs grew up in, and were raised by Scientology. This was not a peaceful or loving environment; instead, it was a world filled with abuse, violence, intimidation, and fear. Defendants considered Plaintiffs to be possessions, void of any rights, whose sole purpose was to serve Defendants. Plaintiffs were placed on a ship they could not leave and routinely punished by being humiliated, interrogated, and imprisoned, for the sole purpose of ensuring Plaintiffs would continue to perform back breaking free labor for the Defendants.

Wonkette reports on the lawsuit.