Tuesday, October 07, 2014

More Certiorari Denials From SCOTUS Yesterday

Yesterday the U.S. Supreme Court issued it usual long beginning-of-term list of cases in which it is denying review. (Order List). In addition to the already widely reported denial of certiorari in same-sex marriage cases from five states (see prior posting), the Court also denied certiorari in the following cases of interest:
  • Mehanna v. United States, (Docket No. 13-1125). At issue was whether a citizen's political or religious speech may constitute provision of material support or resources to a Foreign Terrorist Organization. (1st Circuit's opinion in the case.)
  • Freshwater v. Mount Vernon School District, (Docket No. 13-1311). In the case, the Ohio Supreme Court upheld the firing of a middle school science teacher for insubordination in failing to comply with orders to remove religious materials from his classroom. (See prior posting.)
  • Pittman-Bey v. Celum, (Docket No. 13-10031). In the case, the 5th Circuit held that defendants had qualified immunity in a suit by a Muslim inmate who was not allowed to participate in Ramadan activities without first having participated in Jumu'ah services. (See prior posting.)