Friday, February 20, 2015

Suit Challenges County Resolution Recognizing Christian Pregnancy Services Organization

The ACLU of Northern California earlier this week announced the filing of a state court lawsuit against the county of Calaveras, California on behalf of several residents and taxpayers who object to a resolution passed by the county Board of Supervisors.  The Resolution (full text) as passed in July 2014 recognizes the local Door of Hope pregnancy center "for serving the women of Calaveras County and helping to save the lives of our most vulnerable children." The complaint (full text) in Lavagetto v. County of Calaveras, (CA Super. Ct., filed 2/13/2015) objects to language in the resolution recognizing Door of Hope, among other things, for "enlighten[ing] and strengthen[ing]the lives of women and young women in Calaveras County by inviting them to test and see for themselves the many blessings that can come from living the teachings of Christ." Plaintiffs contend that the resolution favors one religon over another in violation of provisions in the California constitution which bar the establishment of religion and the expenditure of public funds to aid any religious sect.