Thursday, March 24, 2016

Suit Charges NY Community College With Anti-Semitic Hiring Practices

A lawsuit filed last month in federal district court in New York charges the Brooklyn-based Kingsborough Community College and Stuart Suss (who served variously as its Provost, Vice President for Academic Affairs and Interim President) with discrimination against faculty and faculty candidates whose dress or appearance was obviously Jewish (labeled in the complaint as "Outward Jews").  The complaint (full text) in Lax v. City University of New York, (ED NY, filed 2/16/2016) alleges that in 2000 Jews comprised a large percentage of department chairs and of the college-wide Personnel & Budget Committee, but that since then Suss has engaged in hiring and personnel practices designed to reduce or eliminate the number of outward Jews on the faculty and on the P&B Committee in violation of Title VII and New York state and city anti-discrimination laws. Yesterday's Algemeiner has more on the lawsuit.