Tuesday, September 06, 2016

Firing of Employee For Anointing Office With Oil Is Upheld

In Cheeley v. City of Miami, (SD FL, Aug. 10, 2016), a Florida federal district court dismissed a Title VII religious discrimination claim brought by an employee in Miami's Capital Improvements Program department.  Eric Cheeley was fired after he admitted that he had applied an oily liquid in the shape of crosses on walls, cubicles and doorways-- anointing various areas in order to bless the department. He contended that the city should have accommodated his sincerely held religious belief that he needed to anoint the office. The court concluded, however, that:
Cheeley has not presented sufficient evidence to permit a reasonable juror to find that the City could have accommodated Cheeley’s religious beliefs without undue hardship.
Yesterday's Christian Post reported on the decision.