Friday, September 09, 2016

Settlement Ends Long-Running Dispute Over Control of Sikh Temple In California

A long-running dispute over control of a Sikh Temple in Yuba City, California, appears to have come to an end after a court-ordered election of new board members resulted in a cooperative transition of leadership.  According to yesterday's Appeal-Democrat, the election (ordered by the court to be held without regard to the Temple by-laws quorum requirements) led to victory by a slate of 73-board members who were opposed to the incumbent directors. The parties then entered a settlement agreement covering all four of the pending cases growing out of the controversy. The agreement was presented to the court yesterday.  Under the settlement, the new directors take office immediately and they will amend the Temple's bylaws to reduce from 8 to 4 years the term of board members. During a board meeting yesterday evening, the new board received the keys and financial records of the Temple.