Friday, June 16, 2017

Staffing Agency Settles EEOC Suit Over Accommodation of Rastafarian

HospitalityStaff, a company that places employees in central Florida's hotel industry, has settled a religious discrimination claim filed against it by the EEOC. According to EEOC's June 14 press release:
The EEOC's lawsuit charged that HospitalityStaff violated religious discrimination law by failing to provide a reasonable accommodation to Courtnay B. Joseph, a Rastafarian, when it required him to cut his dreadlocks to comply with its client's grooming standards in order to keep his position at an Orlando-area hotel. The EEOC said that HospitalityStaff took Joseph off his assignment and never reassigned him.
Under the settlement, the company will pay Joseph $30,000 in damages, will adopt a clear policy on religious and disability accommodation, will provide training to managerial and HR personnel, and will report to the EEOC for 3 years.