Saturday, April 07, 2018

Fired Mormon City Manger Can Move Ahead Under Title VII Against Some Defendants

In Fuqua v. City of Altus, (WD OK, April 6, 2018), an Oklahoma federal district court allowed the former City Manager of an Oklahoma city to proceed with his Title VII religious discrimination suit against the city and its mayor, but dismissed his claims against two other city officials.  Plaintiff David Fuqua alleges that he was fired from his position because he is a Mormon and because he hired Mormons for the positions of Assistant City Manager and Public Works Director.  The court dismissed two defendants, the Chief Financial Officer and the City Clerk, because they had no formal role in evaluating Fuqua or in the decision to fire him, saying in part:
There is plenty of evidence that they agitated against plaintiff, or for his removal, on the basis of his religion, but there is none that suggests they played some formal role in the City’s dealings with plaintiff. Complaints and gossip, even lots of it, do not arise to the level of involvement necessary to establish the necessary causative link.