Monday, June 25, 2018

Report On This Year's State Religious Freedom Legislative Activity

In a June 12 report titled How 139 bills across the country are redefining religious freedom, the Deseret News has tracked all legislation affecting religious freedom passed, defeated or pending this year in state legislatures. The paper says in part:
In all, the Deseret News found 139 bills regarding religious freedom that were debated so far this year. These bills cover everything from religious clubs in elementary schools to state officials authorized to solemnize weddings, but most deal with LGBT rights, free speech, health care and adoption....
This analysis sets the stage for a six-month investigation into the state of religious freedom in America. The Deseret News will explore key conflicts affecting people of faith, sharing the stories of religious college students who feel silenced by school leaders and families caught in the middle of fights over faith-based adoption agencies.
Democrats and Republicans, young and old, once rallied around religious freedom. This project will explore why that's no longer the case.
[Thanks to Blog from the Capital for the lead.]