Thursday, February 21, 2019

Class Action Filed Hours After New York's Child Victims Act Is Signed

Just hours after New York's new Child Victims Act extending the statute of limitations for sex abuse claims was signed into law (see prior related posting), a class action lawsuit was filed in federal district court for the Northern District of New York. Rome (NY) Sentinel reports in part:
The Rev. Paul F. Angelicchio, of Rome, has been named in a lawsuit accusing him of sexually abusing a teenage altar boy when the priest worked at a church in Onondaga County in the late 1980s.
... Angelicchio was placed on a leave of absence by the Roman Catholic Diocese of Syracuse in late 2016 to investigate the claims. Church officials deemed the accusations not credible at the time and Angelicchio soon returned to service.
The lawsuit, filed on Feb. 14, also accuses two Syracuse-area priests who were named by the Diocese in December as having “credible” accusations of sexual abuse made against them. Those priests, Charles Eckermann and James F. Quinn, are both deceased.
Angelicchio was not among the priests listed by the Diocese in December.