Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Supreme Court Will Hear Oral Arguments Today In Bladensburg Cross Case

This morning the U.S. Supreme Court will hear oral arguments in American Legion v. American Humanist Association.  In the case, the U.S. 4th Circuit Court of Appeal, in a 2-1 decision, held that the 40-foot high Bladensburg Cross that has stood for over 90 years as a World War I Veterans' Memorial, violates the Establishment Clause. (See prior posting.) The Circuit Court, by a vote of 8-6, then denied en banc review. (See prior posting). Some 47 amicus briefs have been filed in the case. Here is the SCOTUS blog case page for the case, with links to the briefs, other filings and commentary.  I will post the full transcript of today's oral arguments when it becomes available, probably this afternoon.