Thursday, September 11, 2008

9th Circuit Amplifes Holding On Membership Requirements Of Christian Student Group

This week the U.S. 9th Circuit Court of Appeals filed an amended decision in Truth v. Kent School District (9th Cir., Sept. 9, 2008). (See prior posting on original April 25 opinion.) The new decision adds a concurring opinion by two of the three judges-- which of course makes it a majority opinion. The concurring opinion amplifies on the court's holding that a state school district did not violate the First Amendment when it applied its non-discrimination policy to the membership policies of "Truth", a Christian Bible study club seeking recognition as a student group. The concurrence said: "We reject Truth's suggestion that state action that burdens a group's ability to engage in expressive association must always be subject to strict scrutiny, even if the group seeks to engage in expressive association through a limited public forum."