Saturday, January 30, 2010

Rifqa Bary's Parents Seek to Withdraw Settlement Consent Entered Last Week

Last week, it seemed like the case of Rifqa Bary was finally over. Her Muslim parents agreed that the 17-year old girl who fled, fearing her life was in danger because of her conversion to Christianity, could stay with her Ohio foster family, and that everyone would get counseling. (See prior posting.) According to today's Columbus Dispatch, however, that agreement has been short-lived. Claiming misrepresentations and fraudulent inducement, Rifqa's parents now want to withdraw their consent to the deal, claiming that Franklin County (OH) Children's Services is improperly allowing Rifqa to have contact with Blake and Beverly Lorenz, the people in Florida who helped Rifqa run away. The parents say that Rifqa's attorney sent Rifqa's handwritten birthday card to Blake Lorenz for Rifqa. The card referred to Blake as "daddy". Rifqa's parents have now asked for Rifqa's Ohio foster parents to be removed as guardian ad litem.