Friday, June 08, 2012

Note to Readers: Comment Feature To Be Reactivated On Religion Clause Blog

A Note to Religion Clause Readers--

Beginning today, I am experimenting again with activating the Comment feature on Religion Clause blog.  Readers, after registering, will be able to post Comments relating to this and future items.  I deactivated the Comment feature in February 2010 after the Comment forum stopped serving a useful purpose. You can see my concerns that led to the decision at that time here.  Some readers were using it more to proselytize than to comment on the postings, and the number of readers submitting posts was small. I hope that its use will prove more effective this time.  However if it does not, I will again deactivate it.

Comments will not be moderated before they appear.  I do not have the time necessary to carry out that labor intensive function.  However, I reserve the right to remove any Comment that I find inappropriate for any reason.  Needless to say, though, my failure to remove a comment in no way indicates that I endorse it or find it appropriate.  Religion Clause has a knowledgeable and articulate readership. I hope the Comments will reflect this, and will respect the overall tone and goal of the blog. I also reserve the right to remove excessive numbers of postings by any individual reader, even if their content is appropriate.

The Comments will be accessible in a pop-up window so that they will not distract readers who are interested only in the main postings. I welcome Comments suggesting anything else that would make the Comment forum of more interest to you.  As always, feel free to contact me by e-mail where that is more appropriate. Thanks again to all the loyal Religion Clause readers.  I hope you find this step an improvement in the blog.

Best wishes,
Howard Friedman