Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Australian Group Recommends Law Reform On Non-Therapeutic Male Circumcision

In the Australian state of Tasmania, the Tasmania Law Reform Institute has recently released a 101-page report on Non-Therapeutic Male Circumcision. The report was prepared in response to a request from Tasmania's former Commissioner for Children (who opposed performing non-therapeutic procedures on minors) for clarification of the law on circumcision of male children and recommendations for law reform.  The Institute has come forward with 14 recommendations including:
  • A general ban on circumcision of incapable minors, but with exceptions for "well-established religious or ethnicity motivated circumcision."
  • A requirement of joint parental authorization for a minor to be circumcised, with judicial determination in cases of parental disagreement.
  • Minimum standards and required disclosures for circumcisers.
  • Enactment of a new Circumcision Act that allows suits by individuals harmed by circumcision to be brought after a person reaches the age of majority.
ABC News reports on developments.