Thursday, April 09, 2015

New Employment Discrimination Suits-- Ballpark Ushers and Firefighters

NBC Washington reported yesterday that three ballpark ushers for the Washington Nationals who lost their jobs have sued alleging religious discrimination against Seventh Day Adventists. Plaintiffs claim in the federal court lawsuit that the team recently changed its work policy and schedule for ushers in a way that precludes them from taking off for religious reasons from Friday evening and Saturday afternoon games. There has also been an increase in home games and concert events at the park. During the 2013 season, the team accommodated plaintiffs' Sabbath observance, but at the end of the season fired them because of their need to miss work on their Sabbath.

Connecticut Law Tribune reports on a recent suit in federal district court in Connecticut by a Jehovah's Witness firefighter who contends that there has been a pattern of harassment against him ever since he refused several years ago for religious reasons to march in a Memorial Day Parade. He also refuses to take part in flag-raising ceremonies at the Hamden fire house.