Monday, August 24, 2015

Haredi Rabbis Urge Reporting of Child Abuse To Secular Authorities

Countering what has sometimes been a reluctance in the haredi (ultra-Orthodox) Jewish community to report suspected child abuse to civil authorities, over 100 prominent haredi  rabbis and educators from across the United States have signed a public pronouncement calling for prompt notification to law enforcement. The statement (full text in report from Arutz Sheva) says in part;
We, the undersigned, affirm that any individual with firsthand knowledge or reasonable basis to suspect child abuse has a religious obligation to promptly notify the secular law enforcement of that information. These individuals have the experience, expertise and training to thoroughly and responsibly investigate the matter. Furthermore, those deemed “mandated reporters” under secular law must obey their State’s reporting requirements.
Many more rabbis are expected to sign the statement in coming weeks. (See prior related posting.)