Monday, August 24, 2015

School District Drops Band's Planned Half-Time Show Fearing It Violates Consent Decree

Having been held in contempt last month for violating a 2013 consent decree  in which it was ordered to comply with a newly adopted policy on Religion in Public Schools (see prior posting), the Rankin County, Mississippi School Board last week told the Brandon High School band that it could not perform its planned half-time show at the season's opening football game.  According to yesterday's Christian News, the band had planned to perform "How Great Thou Art" during half-time. While the song was selected last February with administrative support, the school district more recently said it would risk heavy fines if it were performed and would be required to terminate the employment of anyone connected with the performance.  At last Friday's game, while the band did not perform, dozens of parents and students began singing the song from the stands.