Thursday, March 24, 2016

"Unfit" Parent Loses Right To Assert Religious Objection To Immunization of Her Children

In In re Deng, (MI App, March 22, 2016), a Michigan state appeals court held that a court can order immunizations for children placed in foster care after the children's parents have been found unfit despite the mother's religious objections to vaccination of her children. The court said in part:
We recognize that, were respondent a fit parent entitled to the control and custody of her children, MCL 333.9215(2) would undoubtedly allow her to forego the immunization of her children otherwise required by the Public Health Code on the grounds of a religious objection. However, this provision is inapplicable on the present facts for the simple reason that the children are not being immunized as a result of provisions in the Public Health Code.... [R]ather, ... the court exercised its broad authority to enter dispositional orders for the welfare of a child under its jurisdiction....
MLive reports on the decision.