Wednesday, December 28, 2016

EEOC Suit On Flu Shot Exemptions Is Settled

The EEOC last week announced a settlement of a religious discrimination lawsuit it had filed against the Erie, Pennsylvania-based Saint Vincent Health Center.  At issue was a requirement by the health center that in order for employees to obtain religious exemptions from the requirement they obtain flu shots, they were required to present a certification from a member of the clergy.  Six employees who claimed religious exemptions were not able to present documentation from clergy. (See prior posting.) Under the settlement the health center will pay $300,000 in back pay and damages and offer the employees reinstatement.  A consent decree was also agreed upon under which, among other things, the employer is barred from rejecting a religious accommodation request merely because the employee's belief is not an endorsed teaching of any particular religion or denomination. National Law Review reports on the settlement.