Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Suit Seeks More Information On Clergy Abuse In Pennsylvania

Yesterday a class action lawsuit was filed in a Pennsylvania state trial court alleging that eight Pennsylvania Catholic dioceses continue to cover up sexual abuse by priests despite the recent Pennsylvania grand jury report on clergy abuse. The suit was brought on behalf of victims of clergy sexual abuse and children currently enrolled in Catholic schools. The lawsuit seeks injunctive relief ordering dioceses to release all information in their possession regarding predatory priests, including the names of predatory priests that were redacted from the grand jury report. AP and York Daily Record report on the lawsuit.

In a related report, yesterday the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette published a background story on Daniel Dye, the state Attorney General's prosecutor who led the grand jury investigation of abuse by Catholic clergy.  The paper says that since the release of the grand jury report, the Attorney General's office has received 1,000 calls from people reporting abuse.