Wednesday, June 17, 2020

Minister Challenges Louisiana Cockfighting Ban

Suit was filed last week in a Louisiana federal district court by Holy Fight Ministries and its minister claiming that Louisiana's ban on cockfighting violates their federal and state free exercise rights as well as the Establishment Clause. The complaint (full text) in Plumbar v. Landry, (MD LA, filed 6/12/2020), alleges in part:
Reverend Plumbar, Holy Fight Ministries and its congregation hold the sincere religious belief that cockfighting represents that while they strive for CHRIST, they have a necessary symbolic physical manifestation, an epiphany through the fighting cock, a religious mandate of the struggle between good and evil, a struggle for life or death for the Salvation of the soul, and thus cockfighting is an integral and essential part of their religious faith.
[Thanks to Scott Mange for the lead.]