Friday, July 24, 2020

New Suit Charges Former Cardinal McCarrick With Sexual Abuse and Dioceses With Negligence

Suit was filed in a New Jersey state court this week against two New Jersey Catholic Dioceses, other Catholic entities, and former Catholic Cardinal Theodore McCarrick .  The complaint (full text) in JA/GG Doe 14 v. Diocese of Metuchen, (NJ Super, filed 7/21/2020), charges McCarrick with sexual battery and the Dioceses and schools with negligent training, supervision and retention. A news conference by the lawyers who filed the lawsuit described the suit as:
... [A] new lawsuit filed under the New Jersey Child Sexual Abuse Act (part of the New Jersey Victims’ Rights Bill), by a survivor who was sexually abused by infamous serial sexual predator and former Cardinal Theodore E. McCarrick as part of McCarrick’s sordid beach house child sex ring;
... Plaintiff, then a teenager, was groomed, manipulated and coerced by McCarrick into participating in McCarrick’s sex ring along with other kids;
... McCarrick orchestrated and directed the sexual abuse of the Plaintiff by three other priests named in the complaint.
Washington Post reports on the lawsuit.