Wednesday, December 09, 2020

Michigan Catholic Schools Sue Over COVID Order

A group of Catholic schools and parents of students in the schools filed suit this week in a Michigan federal district court challenging the state's latest COVID-19 Order which temporarily bars in-person instruction in high schools. The schools claim that the latest order violates their free exercise, freedom of assembly, due process and equal protection rights. The complaint (full text) in Michigan Association of Non-Public Schools v. Gordon, (WD MI, filed 12/7/2020), alleges in part:

Plaintiffs fully understand and appreciate the challenges of limiting COVID’s spread and of contributing to the common good. They are convinced that continuing in-person religious education contributes  to the well-being of Michiganders, rather than harming it. That is why they have gone to such extraordinary lengths to ensure in-person schooling can be done safely for everyone.

Despite all this, Defendant has shuttered Plaintiffs’ schools. At the same time, Defendant allows other activities with demonstrably higher risks to continue. These include professional and collegiate athletics, tattoo parlors and hair salons. Defendant’s prior three-week “pause” order has now been extended and Plaintiffs face the prospect of indefinite future extensions....

MLive reports on the lawsuit.