Wednesday, June 29, 2022

EEOC Sues Company Over Requiring Employees To Attend Prayer Meetings

The EEOC announced yesterday that it has filed a religious discrimination lawsuit against North Carolina-based Aurora Pro Services. It explained:

[T]he company required all employees to attend daily employer-led Christian prayer meetings. The meetings were conducted by the company owner and included Bible readings, Christian devotionals, and solicitation of prayer requests from employees. Aurora’s owner took roll before some of the meetings and reprimanded employees who did not attend. When a construction manager asked to be excused from the prayer portion of the meetings in the fall of 2020, the defendant company refused to accommodate the employee’s religious beliefs (atheist), cut his pay, and fired him. A few months later, in January 2021, Aurora terminated a customer service representative who stopped attending the prayer meetings because the meetings conflicted with her religious beliefs (agnostic).