Monday, October 03, 2022

Certiorari Denied In Scientology Arbitration Case and Falun Gong Leafleting Case

Today's 48-page Order List from the U.S. Supreme Court on its opening day of the term includes the denial of review in two cases of interest:

Church of Scientology v. Bixler (Docket No. 22-60, cert. denied 10/3/2022): In the case, a California state appellate court held that former Church of Scientology members were not bound by their agreement to submit all disputes with the Church to the Church's Religious Arbitration system when the dispute involves conduct that occurred after plaintiffs left the Church. (See prior posting.)

Zhang Jingrong v. Chinese Anti-Cult World Alliance, Inc. (Docket No. 21-1429, cert. denied 10/3/2022) and Chinese Anti-Cult World Alliance, Inc. v. Zhang Jinrong (Docket No. 21-1556, cert. denied 10/3/2022)- In the case the 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals held that five tables on the sidewalk in Flushing, Queens, New York where Falun Gong adherents passed out flyers and displayed posters were not a "place of religious worship" under the Freedom of Access To Clinics Entrances Act that prohibits intentionally injuring, intimidating, or interfering with anyone who is exercising 1st Amendment religious freedom rights “at a place of religious worship.” In addition, the cross-petition for review raised the issue of the validity of the statute under the commerce clause. (See prior posting.)