Tuesday, May 01, 2018

Court Refuses To Dismiss Challenge To Town's Settlement Agreement On Mosque Construction

In Quick v. Township of Bernards, (D NJ, April 30, 2018), a New Jersey federal district court denied defendant's motion to dismiss a lawsuit challenging a settlement agreement entered by the Township of Bernards to settle a dispute over construction of a mosque in the Township.  Under the settlement agreement, a new Planning Board hearing on permitting construction of the mosque was to be held.  One of the stipulations, however, was that at the hearing "No commentary regarding Islam or Muslims will be permitted." (See prior posting).  Plaintiffs contend that this is an unconstitutional suppression of speech based on its content and viewpoint, is a prior restraint on speech, denies plaintiffs procedural due process, violates the Establishment Clause by favoring Islam over other religions, and violates the 1st Amendment's petition clause. New Jersey Law Journal reports on the decision.