Monday, April 26, 2021

Supreme Court Hears Oral Arguments Today In Challenge To California's Required Disclosure of Donors To Non-Profits

The U.S. Supreme Court this morning will hear consolidated oral arguments in Thomas More Law Center v. Rodriquez (SCOTUSblog case page) and Americans for Prosperity Foundation v. Rodriquez (SCOTUSblog case page). At issue is a California administrative rule requiring non-profit organizations that wish to solicit tax deductible contributions in the state to file an annual report that includes an unredacted IRS Form 990 Schedule B. That Schedule contains the names and contributions of significant donors. Petitioners argue that disclosure subjects donors to dangers of hate mail and retaliation.  Thomas More Law Center describes its mission, in part, as preserving America’s Judeo-Christian heritage and defending the religious freedom of Christians. This post will be updated with a link to the transcript of the oral arguments when it becomes available later today.

Here are links to the audio and transcript of the full arguments.