Thursday, June 03, 2021

Challenges To Alabama COVID-19 Orders Are Unsuccessful

In Case v. Ivey, MD AL, June 1, 2021), six plaintiffs brought a range of constitutional challenges to Alabama Governor Kay Ivey's COVID-19 Orders. In a 68-page opinion, the court dismissed all of them-- some on standing or mootness grounds, others on substantive or qualified immunity grounds. Among the claims, one plaintiff contended that the Orders denied her the right to attend the church of her choice. Two pastors claimed that the Orders resulted in the denial of their right to preach and conduct in-person services. The court concluded that defendants had qualified immunity as to the damage claims against them for violating the First Amendment's Free Exercise, Freedom of Assembly and Establishment Clauses because plaintiffs did not plausibly allege that defendants’ conduct violated law that was clearly established at the time of their actions.